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    New forum ranks/titles!

    Tnh Famouz
    Tnh Famouz

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    New forum ranks/titles! Empty New forum ranks/titles!

    Post  Tnh Famouz on Sat Jun 05, 2010 2:23 am

    Hello guys,

    I'm here to let everyone know that the forum has added a new feature. There has been minor tweaks and fixes also but this week we decided to add something special. We have added the User and Post ranks. Below is the picture as well as what is required and what it is for to get that certain image on your profile! We hope you all enjoy it and if you have any suggestions on any others as well as images please post here to PM me.

    If you are a Donator you will get a different one.

    Master Poster
    GFX (Special)
    Admin (Special)
    Top Poster (Special)


    All staff will now have a image with White Party Hats. The usergroups that will have these are:

    Forum Admin, In-Game Mod/Admin.

    New forum ranks/titles! Whitephat

    Now we go to the posting ranks:

    Newb: 0 Posts Needed

    New forum ranks/titles! Bronzearmour

    Member: 25 Posts Needed

    New forum ranks/titles! Mitharmour

    Veteran: 50 Posts Needed

    New forum ranks/titles! Runearmour

    Master Poster: 100 Posts Needed

    New forum ranks/titles! Barrowsarmour

    Special Rights will be added soon!

    -Super jocolor -

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